Apple software shop or software store apps on ubuntu?

Apple software shop or software store apps on ubuntu?

location: ubuntuforums – date: i am in search of this throughout the week that is past we have not discovered just one good thread with this subject. I have recently migrated from Windows 7 to Ubuntu and also have discovered that wine is working pretty great to be able to introduce older windows games etc. The thing I have not identified is the fact that whether or not it’s feasible to introduce apps that i have downloaded from Apple App shop ( as an example for iPad) on Ubuntu Linux? Let’s imagine We have purchased a novel from Apple App shop for iPad and I also wish to introduce it to my laptop computer which will be running Ubuntu Linux; is it feasible at this stage to see the exact same guide from my laptop computer at all? I am aware there is a task called iEmu but it appears become at quite initial phases.. This will be solely fascination about them just just what linux presently can and will perhaps not do! Therefore, exactly just how can it be? Feasible now? Doable in the foreseeable future? We’d be interested to read some responses on this subject! i am additionally exceedingly thinking about other crossplatform jobs. As interracialcupid com reviews an example Android that is running phone via emulator on a Lin

[SOLVED] java and “app inventor” vs. Linux Mint12 (Ubuntu 11.10)

location: linuxquestions – date: Neither “java” nor “app creator” are particular to virtually any distro as well as linux. Irrespective, we cannot get “java” running in many ways that fulfill the “app inventor” pages. Can anybody help me to sort this down? I am running Linux Mint-12 (Ubuntu 11.10) and now have every one of the java that is various set up. I am attempting to utilize the Chromium web web browser with MIT’s “App Inventor” tools for building Android os apps. I want one thing actually trivial on my ‘droid, and App Inventor appears a lightweight approach to doing a model. Many Many Thanks ahead of time,

Ubuntu One software for Windows stopped working.

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location: linux – date: we operate a Kubuntu Windows 7 boot that is dual, Ubuntu one on windows is fantastic we keep all my research as well as other essential files upon it. It really works great I really enjoy it for me as a cross platform cloud storage solution. We additionally keep all my development code with it for later on guide. Therefore night that is last launched ubuntu one on windows 7 and got a notice about there being a change, thus I updated to Ubuntu One 2.0.2 from 2.0.1 therefore the entire thing stopped working. Ever since then We have re-installed ubuntu 2.0.2 and 2.0.1 numerous times with no luck of having it right right back. We additionally disabled my firewall to prevent that being the matter. Anybody having this nagging problem with ubuntu one, or a remedy to it? Inform me.

App fonts too large in Ubuntu

location: linux – date: i have pointed out that some applications we run have fonts that are huge. I’m able to fix this temporarily by choosing Appearance through the Gnome menus, and changing the DPI for fonts straight straight down by 1, then backup by 1 then re-applying, but the next time We boot up they are big once more. Does anybody understand how to fix this? Thanks Thom

Operating a Tizen software?

location: ubuntuforums – date: just how do i test A tizen indigenous application in the emulator? It in debug it gives a message saying no device found but I have a device created already when I try to run.

64 bit cpu64 bit Ubuntuare there 32 bit app problems?

location: linuxquestions – date: We have 64 bit AMD cpu. Additionally 64 bit type of Debian. You will find problems with 32 bit application compatability. Does Ubuntu have actually this issue? Will i’ve this nagging problem if i personally use the 32 bit Ubuntu with 64 bit cpu?

Good App in making PSX ISO Data?

location: ubuntuforums – date: i would ike to back up a couple of of my personal favorite Playstation games now that i have discovered the joy that is ePSXe (it runs them PERFECTLY yet not completely through the discs). Nevertheless the ‘bad block’ protection utilized on the discs generally seems to brilliantly destroy all the burning apps to my hopes i have got except K3B that we can not install due to lacking dependancies (I’d it in Breezy and I also’ve got all my repositories if you wish and so I do not know why this is actually the instance). But anyhow, we have actually no guarantee so it would perform the job either. Gnomebaker is tricked by the security. Gcombust dosen’t also begin to see the disk. The other applications must I attempt to make some ISO’s of my games? We just wish to play these by myself personal system. I do not want to circulate them by any means.

location: linuxquestions – date: i did so the change yesterday I can find no way to get to my Mahjongg game because it has had a couple of months to mature but. The program center shows that it is set up but everything i’ve tried has did not find the GUI to start out it. Any hope for a dummy?

Games from Mac App Shop on Linux

location: ubuntuforums – date: Hi 2 days because i didn’t want pay for Windows versions of these games ago I bought Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy and Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast from Mac App Store. We copied base files from both games to my Linux partition with installed Ubuntu. Later on, we utilized these tasks to operate these games on Linux: They both games work nicely, and that means you do not have to put money into windows games, if you utilize Linux and Mac OS X. Do you realize other games from Mac App shop (or even for Mac OS X), which you yourself can operate on Linux? Into the past a box was used by me form of Prey for Mac OS X having a linux installer, but i did not check always, if variation with Mac App shop works closely with a Linux installer.

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